What sets STROKEBUSTERS® apart is that our resources are focused on educating the public, while providing physicians, healthcare professionals, and medical caregivers the tools, training and up-to-the-minute information they need regarding diagnosis, treatment, protocol advances and aftercare for stroke patients.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the US. This is largely due to stroke victims often waiting to see if their symptoms pass before seeking medical treatment. Immediate action from the healthcare community becomes one of the few ways to make up for lost time and offer the best chance of a positive outcome for recovery. During a stroke, time is precious.

At STROKEBUSTERS®, we provide the necessary training to medical professionals to instantly recognize stroke symptoms, quickly diagnose the stroke, assess treatment options, authorize tests, and provide the patient the most beneficial treatment as quickly as possible.

To medical professionals who work at various points along the continuum of patient care, from first responders to surgeons, we offer accredited continuing-education seminars, educational materials to discuss with patients, and opportunities to view on-line videos to keep their skills current, and more. As science advances, continuing education improves diagnostic and treatment skills, improves patient care and recovery, and more importantly, saves lives. STROKEBUSTERS® is a trusted resource to that end.

Together We Are StrongerTM