Every day, STROKEBUSTERS® is dedicated to providing critical, comprehensive medical information and resources to the healthcare community to assist in improving optimal acute stroke diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare. In addition, we are committed to offering lifesaving public education focused on stroke prevention for at-risk populations, survivors, caregivers, and family and friends. By supporting STROKEBUSTERS®, you are helping us make a promise to current and potential stroke victims that someone will be there during their time of need — a promise that a healthcare professional will diagnose and treat them quickly, correctly, and use the most advanced research to offer hope and provide the best possible outcome. To that end, we must rely on the generous financial support from individuals, corporations, and foundations. With your help, STROKEBUSTERS® can continue its vital work and, together, we can increase awareness and understanding of stroke, while decreasing the effects of the fifth largest cause of death in the US. Help people live longer, healthier, and more productive lives – become a STROKE BUSTER with your tax-deductible gift today! Together We Are Stronger.TM

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