Interested in Neuro Nursing?

The American Board of Neuroscience Nursing (ABNN) is the independent, not-for-profit corporation established to design, implement, and evaluate a certification program for professional nurses involved in the specialty practice of neuroscience nursing and its subspecialties.

ABNN is solely responsible for the development, administration, and evaluation of the Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse (CNRN®) and Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN®)  certification and recertification programs. The mission of ABNN is to advance neuroscience nurses’ practice and contributions to neurological health through certification of registered nurses. ABNN’s vision is that every person with neurological health needs to receive excellent care from ABNN-certified registered nurses.

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN)

The American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) is the membership organization for certified nurses. Founded in 1968, AANN is an organization of more than 4,000 members worldwide. AANN members receive discounts on certification preparation materials, certification and recertification fees, and more.

AANN is committed to working for the highest standard of care for neuroscience patients by advancing the science and practice of neuroscience nursing. AANN accomplishes this through continuing education, information dissemination, standard setting, and advocacy on behalf of neuroscience patients, families, and nurses.

Education and Travel Grants for Nurses

Agnes Marshall Walker Foundation (AMWF)

The Agnes Marshall Walker Foundation (AMWF) is dedicated to supporting neuroscience nursing through education, research, professional development, and certification to promote excellence in patient care.  AMWF offers education and travel grants for nurses. For more information and grant applications visit

AMWF was founded with a generous bequeath from Agnes Marshall Walker and works collaboratively with AANN and ABNN to help support neuroscience nursing education and certification in Agnes’s honor.