I’ve been to several stroke courses, including the International Stroke Conference and this is by far one of the best, if not THE best courses that I’ve been to, ever. 

Gail Flanz

Stroke Coordinator
Boynton Beach, FL



 As a registered IR/NIR xray technologist, I found the Strokebusters conference to be very informative. It had many great topics and the speakers were great!  I loved hearing ways we can prevent stroke and other disease, this is so important! I can’t wait to go the next one! 

Sharri Lloyd RT(R)(VI)
Kalamazoo  MI


 Highly educated very knowledgeable group of dedicated professionals promoting stroke awareness to save lives. Check them out at www.strokebusters.org. Great information that could save your life, or the life of another. 

Jennifer VandenBosch, RN
Sarasota, FL


 The Strokebusters conference in Naples was so incredibly informative.  Dr. Razack is a great speaker!  We are lucky to be a part of his vision and skills in helping our patients during tragic events and post care, including preventive education. 

Dominique Ranger RT(R)
IR/Neuro Radiology Technologist
Kalamazoo, MI